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About Color Deck

Color Deck is a HSL driven color palette collector progressive web app.

Color Deck was developed in-house at to assist in the design and development of projects. For more info, check out the GitHub repository.

Why was Color Deck created?

There are quite a few color tools out there. However, none focus on HSL. It is arguably the easiest method for humans to view relationships between colors. Many color tools also arbitrarily decide how many colors should be in a palette or series. Color Deck sets out to correct these issues. Learn more about why HSL is great.


Color Deck was inspired by many. The guys over at Refactoring UI deserve a mention for their love of HSL and the Color chapter in their book. Funny and informative, but ultimately, it helped foster my distaste for color pickers that allow you to save just 5 colors at a time.

Other inspiration came from the plethora of other color tools out there. Below are some favorites.


Would like to thank James Daniel for his Color Picker iro.js. This project would have been a lot more difficult had I not found iro.js and been witness to his great documentation.

Zen Rocha for creating clipboard.js and making the click to copy feature so much easier.